WICMA Connect | Women in Content Marketing Awards 2021

Stay tuned for future WICMA Connect events!

WICMA Connect is an event series that enables women marketers at every stage in their career and in every location, to meet and network with industry leaders and rising stars.

Recognizing that there were very few opportunities for marketers (particularly those in the content space) to network outside of their own organizations, the founders of the Women in Content Marketing Awards created WICMA Connect to facilitate those “chance” connections that lead to creative inspiration, career growth, and new opportunities.

While the first WICMA Connect events were held in person in New York City, the overnight rise of remote work led to the creation and expansion of virtual WICMA Connect events via Zoom. These meet-ups enabled marketers from across the country to “be in the room” where the conversations are happening and to establish new relationships with fellow professionals.

Type of WICMA Events

Virtual events, held via Zoom, consist of panel discussions with industry leaders focusing on a compelling marketing-related topic, followed by a networking portion where attendees can meet in small breakout rooms for conversation.

Live events (and we hope to get back to those again very soon!) include speaking engagements at conferences such as Content Marketing World and Advertising Week paired with in-person gatherings where WICMA founders, speakers, and attendees meet up to continue the discussion.



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Women in Content Marketing Awards

Women in Content Marketing Awards


WICMA recognizes the outstanding work of inspiring women, spotlightling specific achievements and ways that these marketers have positively impacted others.